Equity Migration Services have years of experience in the immigration industry. Our Registered Migration Agents have worked in various roles, which enables us to have a clear understanding of the processes facing potential migrants when lodging visa applications. This breadth of experience assists our Registered Migration Agents to provide simple, easy to understand and cost effective immigration advice Equity.


Migration Services exists to smooth the path to achieving your migration goals. We’ve simplified this complex process for individual seeking to migrate to Africa, we have a trusted expert team for over a decade. Whatever migration pathway you’re pursuing, we’ll be there for you, every step of the way.


Most life changing relationships start with a conversation. We understand that you will have lots of questions about Migrating, visa types, costs of Living, processes of regularizing your stay.  


Starting your Business or putting your skill to work and Acquiring property . Our practical, honest answers will help you decide what to do next and whether or not you need our help to achieve your goals.













The Ghana visa application and immigration process can look easy but highly complex and expensive to the inexperienced. Let our team of experienced registered migration agents advise you of your best options so that your time and money isn’t wasted. It is our policy to only accept clients where there is a realistic prospect of making an application for the desired visa




1. We provide counselling on migration requirements, procedures, eligibility criterias, associated.
   cost and processing times to ensure each applicant meets their migration goal.

2. We analyze the Reason of your relocation and recommend the best alternatives to make your Relocation very easy.

3. We compile all your details and information and fill applicable forms, drafts report as per
   requirements of the visa and then lodge visa application as per current migration laws.








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